Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Thank you so much ♡

Semalam genap umur aku 26 tahun...
Sampai2 office Nadia & Dhea buy sumting nice for me to make my phone look gorgeus!!! THANKS BUDDY♡♡lobe it so much!!! Muuahh...
Next, Lysa one of my bff... surprise me with famius amos chocolate..wif tiny little bear.. thanks kawan!!! The chocolate is realy nice!!! Mmmuuahh... thanks a lot babe!
Kebetulan bufday me Jatuh pada bulan puasa.. my lovely kekanda bwk makan @ ar rawsha, bulatan kg pandan.. :-) makan makanan arab sepuas2nya.. thanks sayang... ♡u till the end of my life!!! Your love will Bring me to the heaven sayang... :-)
Thanks to my little kiddis... Handsome Ammar, Beauty Mira & Sofeaya.. Mummy really appriciate it.. & will keep it properly... ♡ u..& thank you for the opportunity to experience the love of a mother...:-) tq so much munchies!!!
Thats all the story  of MY HARI TUA...;p and not forget to thanks to all who wish me happy birthday... :-) ♥♥♥ i really got a very wonderfulday on my birthday this year... thanks again.. and i also hope everyone can get the great birthday celebration too!!! :)

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