Friday, June 1, 2012

am i not a good sister for you sis?

Sometimes i really need you to hear my problems.. Chit-Chat with me.. be a friends with you....
I always trying to be the best sister for you.. but u always ignored me... 

If you read this letter.. I Just Want to let you know...

" I'm always be with you.... i really miss you... i still love u even u always let me down... your children is like my children... who ever make you sad or mad.. i also feel the same... ;( i'm begging u....please stop ignored me.."

#realymissmyBigSisteralot!Ya Allah, please let my sister know that i really wanted her to be a apart of my life..#

p/s : pernah my aunty ask me.. that i really 'manja' with my kakak2 ipar.. aunt... u know y? that is because i miss my sister... that's why i 'tumpang kasih' with my sis in law.. by the way my sisinlaw are the best sister in the world.. ;) tq to both of u - lovelysisInLaw.. tapi i still miss my bigsis.. ;(

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